Executive Overview

  • Cryptocurrency is recognized in major countries at the levels of government and central banks.
    Over the last 5 years, cryptocurrency has proven its feasibility as a currency system and has become one of the most profitable financial instruments in the internet age. Bitcoin's price has grown from 3 cents to more than $19,000 USD and its market capitalization has exceeded $250 billion USD*. The governments and the central banks of the largest economies (including USA, G7 and EU, India, Russia etc.) have recognized cryptocurrency as an alternative form of money. More than 200 of exchanges trade these digital currencies and the world's largest brokers use them in their investment strategies.
  • Emission of digital currency became a legal and highly profitable business.
    By allowing your computer to participate in network operations (the Blockchain of crypto currency), any person can become an issuer (miner) of crypto-coins that can be easily converted into fiat or "real" currency. Profitability of mining for many cryptocurrencies has exceeded 10% per month.

The Problem - what is holding investors back?

  • High risk associated with high volatility
  • Missing hedging tools
  • The growing complexity of mining process of the leading crypto currencies
  • Complex interaction with conventional currency

Pelecoin Solution

  • Pelecoin Cash (PLCN) – structured crypto-financial product, combining diversification and hedging. Structure of PLCN:
    • Leading crypto currencies with a high correlation - Group A (~90%).
    • Perspective crypto currencies, selected on the basis of analytical research - Group B (~10%).
    • Hedging package for risk management - Group ?.
  • Pelecoin Cash is intended to be implemented in the form of a PLCN token, based on "smart contracts" in the Ethereum Blockchain
    • User will be able to store, send and receive PLCN coins using any Wallet, supporting Ethereum.
    • The PLCN token will be 100% insured by the basket of crypto currencies, described on the website.
    • When buying PLCN (through ETH), the entire amount is transferred to special depositary accounts (on US exchanges Kraken, Bittrex), where it is converted into crypto coins included in the PLCN structure in the defined proportions. At this time the system generates an appropriate amount of new PLCN coins, which are automatically credited to the investor's wallet.
    • The system guarantees the investor an ability of withdrawing PLCN into ETH at the market price and at any time.
    • When selling PLCN for another crypto currency, the PLCN basket currencies will be exchanged (to the requested coins) and transferred to the requested account.
    • Depository accounts could be inspected by an independent audit company to ensure investor confidence.
  • Pelecoin mining - system of optimized mining
    • Pelecoin Miner allows automatic switch to the crypto currency (from the top 300 currencies that allow GPU mining), which currently has the maximum profitability of mining.
    • The coins received from mining are immediately converted into the currencies of the PLCN basket.
    • The user account is credited with the PLCN coins, which can easily be converted into other currencies.
  • Visa Debit Card (coming soon)
    • Pelecoins which the user receives from mining are converted into USD and can be used via our partners' Visa debit card (in 180 countries)
    • The user can replenish the debit card directly from the Pelecoin website.
    • The user can also withdraw funds to his wallet or a cryptocurrency exchange account

Pelecoin Systems Token

  • We plan to issue a crypto coin Pelecoin Systems (PLCS) for the following purpose:
    • PLCS will be based on Ethereum Smart Contract. Like PLCN, users will be able to store, send and receive PLCS using any Ethereum supported wallet.
    • The total supply of PLCS will be limited.
    • Pre-sale is planned through Pelecoin website.
    • The token PLCS is also intended to be listed on crypto-currency exchanges.
  • PLCS is a cryptocurrency token that participates in the operations and planned development activities of the Pelecoin System. Proceeds accumulated by the Pelecoin System will be shared with PLCS token holders in proportion to their PLCS holdings.

About the Project

  • Our goal is to create an effective system of crypto-currency, which includes an optimized method of mining that is attractive to the largest number of potential users.
  • The project is in the working prototype stage.

* updated on 23/09/2017