Pelecoin – Structured Cryptocurrency Product

Pelecoin Cash (PLCN) implements ETF principles and advantages for crypto currency market. The structure of PLCN is planned as an optimized portfolio managed by professional traders and financial analysts.

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Current PLCN Structure

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The liquidity of PLCN is guaranteed !

  • The PLCN token is 100% insured by the basket of included crypto currencies.
  • When buying PLCN (through ETH), the entire amount is transferred to special depositary accounts (on US exchanges Kraken, Bittrex), where it is converted into crypto coins included in the PLCN structure in the defined proportions. At this time the system generates an appropriate amount of new PLCN coins, which are automatically credited to the user's wallet.
  • The system guarantees the user an ability of withdrawing PLCN into ETH at the market price and at any time.

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The Pelecoin mining is optimized

  • Pelecoin provides an easy-to-use, downloadable software for PLCN mining.
  • Pelecoin Miner switches automatically to the crypto currency (from the top 300 currencies that allow GPU mining), which currently has the maximum profitability of mining.
  • The coins received from mining are immediately converted into the currencies of the PLCN basket.
  • The user account is credited with the PLCN coins, which can easily be converted into other currencies.

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Every user may be a partner

  • Coming soon, users will be able to purchase PLCS tokens.
  • Pelecoin System (PLCS) is a crypto-currency token that participates in the operations and planned development activities of the Pelecoin System. Proceeds accumulated by the Pelecoin System will be shared with PLCS token holders in proportion to their PLCS holdings.

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