What is a Pelecoin account?

In order to start using Pelecoin, users will need to open an account by completing the free, quick and easy registration page. Once an account is open, users will be able to buy/sell Pelecoin Cash (coming soon) and participate in the PLCN mining.

What is a Pelecoin miner?

A Pelecoin Miner is a Windows console application which allows users to participate in the PLCN mining process. Mining process is similar to that of Bitcoin or Ethereum. The most significant difference is Pelecoin’s proprietary algorithm, allowing optimization of the mining by profitability. See more »

How to convert PLCN to other cryptocurrencies?

As a result of mining Pelecoin, users will receive coins (PLCN) that may be freely exchanged with other cryptocurrencies or withdrawn to an external wallet. See the Withdraw page for more information (for registered users only).

How Pelecoins (PLCN) may be converted into real money?

There are two common ways of converting PLCN into USD or other real currencies:

  • Send PLCN via Ethereum (or other coin) to one of the cryptocurrency exchanges, then sell Ethereum for USD and withdraw to your bank account. Below is a list of some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume:
  • Withdraw the PLCN via Ethereum (or other coin) to one of the following VISA debit cards:
  • User will be able to connect his account to Pelecoin Visa debit card (coming soon).